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Dec 31, 2009

bubbye 2009.. welcome 2010..

byk sggh kenangan yg best..
n seperti biase.. mesti ader jgk yg kurang best..
it cant be deny okeyh..
at least dlm byk2 yg best mesti ader terselit jgk yg x bestnyer..
*notes:sorry if aper yg best pada aku x best pd korg..geli jer kan..ahaha*
the best ever:
done my degree..
dpt kerja..di Telekom Malaysia..
convo / grad..
me dirisik oleh mister bany n his family..
engaged wif mister bany..
i hv my own blog.. *gedixx*

yg x best:
gaduh/argue/miscomm wif mister bany.. so sad tau.. :((
xdpt join trip / kembara warisan to Sarawak.. sbb: kerja
*the trip was 8 days okeyh + ticket flight sumer dh paid..sedih x?*

yg x bley nk di classified as best or x best..
:::thn 2009 adalah tahun terakhir aku menjadi *single* :::
::sbb by the end of the year 2010 aku bakal menjadi isteri mister bany..insyaAllah..::
so hrp2 for 2010..
will give us (me+mister bany+our familia)
~more joys & happiness
~more rezeki
~more rahmat
~more loves
~more luck
and last but not least...
~less argument or no no more argument wif mister bany..
skit2 tue bley terima kot..hehehe
sbb aku mmg degil + keras kepala + kdg2 too childish..
n sbb kami mau kahwin..lalala..:))
xberseri kot if x der lil lil argument nie.. kan kan?
gaduh2 manje bru best..  x gitu..;p
to my dearest mister fiance..
i heart you more truly madly deeply mister bany..

::2009, u  completed me with joy n satisfaction..::
::i would like to open up my heart n soul n await 2010 wif hopes, loves, strength n smiles::
::to all: wishing u a happy ending 2009..
and a new beginning n blessing 2010:: 

ps: thanx also kepada kwn2 & bff yg alwiz be my side..especially leyla.. mekacih sis!



abang said...


happy new year 2010 dearez!

syaz said...

;p.. happy new year 2010 to u too love.. :))