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Jun 1, 2010

it's our day..merisikversary :))

yes.. it was yesterday actually..
supposely smlm nk buat post.. 
tp disebabkan too tired trus tertido..
semlm.. we are celebrate our 1st merisikversary..
hahahahha.. *ader ke org laen yg sambut ehh?*

smlm mister bany called me mase syaz dlm lrt..
dialognya lebey kurang gini.. *pendek citer*

mister bany: today baper hrbln ye?
miss syaz: today is 31st may.. *dlm keadaan blur*
mister bany: cube teka.. hr nie ader aper?
miss syaz: *lagi ber+ blur* today... ermm.. baskin robbins ader 31% of discount? *masih ingt discount okeyh*
mister bany: *gelak* wat happened a year ago? on the 31st may 2009?
miss syaz: *gosshhh* ayg dirisik oleh ur family.. *omg.. dh setahun rupenya...*
mister bany & miss syaz: *the conversation cont.. * ~~~

so... mcm x sangka..
cepatnya masa berlalu..
cepatnya..dh setahun..
plg x sangka.. he remember the day..
he remember.. the day for us.. melangkah setapak in our relationship...
and yesterday.. we are celebrated our....
:::1st merisikversary:: 

~~:saya sangat happy and saya sangat suka:~~

love, happy 1st merisikversary.. 

*saat cincin risik disarung*


*sesi perbincangan*

*me tayang cincin*

*me and cousin eyla* 

*mister bany wif opah*

*the day for us and the rest of the family*

~the day for us~

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