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Feb 18, 2011

uuuwwaaaaa.. saya mahu floating away...

ingatkan td nk tukar layout..
sbb previous layout ada *floating cloud*
masa mula2 buat blog.. 
the floating cloud sgt menarik..
it's look cute to me..

tp lama2.. rs cm nk tukar layout..
to a very simple one..
xmo yang messi messy2..

dh jumpa yg simple one..
last2 bl tukar.. trus jadi serabut..
uuwwaaaaa... now bl revert back to old template..
the floating away template.. dh xder..
maybe sbb i lupa nk click to *Download Full Template*
so.. xder save yg old template..
dh try *Download* baru..
*Extract* the file.
then *Upload* again the floating away template..
bl nk *Keep Widgets*..
it getting *error msg..*

now miss sudah sama old template..
floating cloud.. kembali lar kepadaku semula...
xper.. nanti i 'll try it again & again..

so.. sorry to the viewers..
sbb this new look..
nampak sgt2 messy..

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