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Sep 15, 2010

The n.e.r.b.e.s one..

Last two weeks..syaz di ding dong kan oleh wedding preparations yg masih byk terbengkalai.. Sampai satu tahap rasa pening tahap gaban kot.. Gaban pun x pening cam syaz agaknya.. "Nasib baik ada yg membantu" *mcm dlm iklan laks ayat ni..tp xingat iklan ape..* Thanks tu su.. ngeeee~

She said..buat 2by2 1by1.. Settle satu perkara.. Buat perkara lain plk.. Ermm.. Okeyh.. So.. Syaz cadang nk buat by to do list by weekly.. So xder lar kelam kabut.. My to do list sekarang is by monthly.. Now, syaz nk buat by weekly.. Let’s change the way we do it babeyh! Lalala.. chaiyok2 syaz!

truly madly deeply,

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