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Sep 19, 2010

week: 13th Sept 2010 - 19th Sept 2010

**Sticky notes until 19th Sept 2010..:D kindly please scroll down for latest entry.. tengs..**

My to do list
13th Sept 2010 – 19th Sept 2010

[checklist: Bride & Groom Attire]

nikah outfit:  appoitment on 16th Sept 2010 done!

khatam quran outfit & dress:  Call Bai & set appoitment with Bai's father on 26th Sept 2010 done!

Penang's Reception outfit:  Call Awie & set appoitment on 2nd Oct 2010 done!

[checklist: Wedding Documents]

send to mister bany the documents checklist  done!

print & ready the documents for my side half-way :(

[checklist: Room Decorations]

♥ Set katil : Survey & byr deposit half-way :(


ElyaElmo said...

meeting with elyaelmo kene include syaz..hahaahhaha

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

dear, cepat2 cargas strike semua hehehe =)

ms syaz said...

elya: muahahahaa... oopss.. dh jumpe so x yah letak kot.. ;p

nora: baik cik nora.. :) lets get cargas.. :D

. LeyLamaLek . said...

nak ikut pegi rumah bai plshhh!

ms syaz said...

okeyh.. jom2.. on 26th sept.. time will inform u later okeyh sis..pg wif chan & peto.. :)

btw,lela..ur kain lace utk baju pengapit already ada.. nanti kak syaz bg.. ngeee~