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Sep 26, 2010

week: 20th Sept 2010 - 26th Sept 2010

**Sticky notes until 26th Sept 2010..:D kindly please scroll down for latest entry.. tengs..**

[My To Do List]

[20th Sept 2010 - 26 Sept 2010]

[checklist: Bride & Groom Attire]
khatam quran outfit & dress:  appoitment with Bai's father on 26th Sept 2010 done!

[checklist: Wedding Documents]
ready the documents for my side soo busy! xsempat nk prepare :(

[checklist: Room Decorations]
Set katil : byr deposit waiting approval from opah ku sayang.. :)

[checklist: Wedding Cake on 17/12/2010]
personalized wedding cake: discuss with Kak Mala done!

[checklist: Wedding Card]
card design done!
ayat2 to be insert in the card {jemputan /aturcara majlis / contact number} half-way!
map for him {Penang's Receptions} done!
map for her {KL's Receptions} half-way!
sampul surat design done!


iedayah said...

ai..salam kenal..owh kedai prabot tu..dkt sgt ngn umah..=p

ms syaz said...

iedayah: hye.. salam kenal.. dkt ngan rumah? silalah pegi.. byk pilihan.. :)