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Oct 3, 2010

week: 27th Sept 2010 - 3rd Oct 2010

*Sticky notes until 3rd Oct 2010..:D kindly please scroll down for latest entry.. tengs..**

♥ [My To Do List] ♥
[27th Sept 2010 - 3rd Oct 2010]

[checklist: Bride & Groom Attire]

KL's Reception outfit: appoitment with Kak Sat on 1st Oct 2010 done!
 ♥ Penang's Reception outfit: appoitment with Awie on 1st Oct 2010 done!

[checklist: Pre-Wedding] 
 ♥ Booking OP done!
 ♥ Choose Place 
 ♥ Choose Outfit & Theme 
 ♥ The Pre-Wedding Photography Session - 3rd Oct 2010 {syaz's burfday :)}
notes: this pre-wedding been postpone.. :( panjang citer..

[checklist: Wedding Card] 
 ♥ meet the vendor & finalize card design done!
notes: got so many free gift ooo.. ;p

 ♥ [checklist: Room Decorations]
♥ Set katil : byr deposit
notes: ada citer sedih.. :(


farhanna said...

x sabar k tgk pic pre wed

ms syaz said...

farhanna.. pre wed x jd buat.. been postpone.. :( a very long story.. nanti syaz update kt u ehh.. :)

anaztasias einz said...

hi dear. lama xjenguk sini :( hehe

syaz. saya dah xguna ek link lama nora aira tu :( nanti ada masa exchange dengan link baru ni ek :)tengs dear.


ms syaz said...

hi nora dear.. i pun dh lama x buat entry/update.. :( *sobs*sobs*
ke'bz'an melanda diri.. :(

orait.. i dh tukar dh.. hehehe.. :)) thanks for inviting me yer darling~.. :)