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Oct 31, 2010

week: 18th Oct 2010 - 31st Oct 2010

Sticky notes until 31st Oct 2010..:D kindly please scroll down for latest entry.. tengs..**

♥ [My To Do List] ♥
[18th Oct 2010 - 31st Oct 2010]

♥ [checklist: Bride & Groom Attire] ♥

♥ Penang's Reception outfit {survey kt Penang} done!
Survey for MUA for Penang's Reception done!
Baju Nehru - Bagi kain kt tailor done!
♥ Beli brooch utk mister fiancé
♥ Tempah kasut for KL's Reception
♥ Tempah tudung for nikah
♥ Follow up dgn tailor utk first fitiing

♥ [checklist: Wedding Documents] ♥ 
 ♥ Isi borang 
 ♥ Prepare the documents

♥ [checklist: Catering] ♥ 
 ♥ Double confirm with papa & mama 

 ♥ [checklist: Flower Girl] ♥
Tempah baju utk Flower Girls done!
♥ Flower baskets

 ♥ [checklist: Deco Deco Deco] ♥
♥ Survey deco for bilik pengantin
♥ Survey deco for bilik syaz & bany
♥ Survey deco for canopy
♥ Survey deco for meja mkn pengantin
♥ Survey deco for stairs
♥ Survey deco for walkway

♥ [checklist: Bridesmaid & Maid of Honor] ♥
♥ Bagi kain for nikah & sanding
♥ 1st meeting

 ♥ [checklist: Canopy] ♥
♥ Canopy layout

♥ [checklist: Tq Tags] ♥
Survey for design done!
Finalize design done!
Send the example design to vendor done!
♥ Receive final artwork
♥ Pay deposit

♥ [checklist: Wedding Cards] ♥ 
Collect the wedding cards done!

♥ [checklist: Spa] ♥
survey spa done!


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CikSyafa said...

hye dear,Syafa pun org penang jugak

i linked u ya ^___^ salam kenal

ms syaz said...

hye dear.. my mister fiancé org penang..

sila lar link & salam kenal.. nanti i lalu blog u ehh.. :))

whitelily said...

hmmm.. congrats to bride to be.. mesti syaz nampak cun waktu tu kan..

ms syaz said...

mekasih kak yati.. :))

Khumaera Ismail said...

syaz~!! muah2.. =)
i folo n link u too dear.. =)
keep in touch..

ms syaz said...

yupp2..tengs dear.. pls do keep in touch.. :))