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Oct 21, 2010

owhh.. saya sudah terkena part I.. :)

owwhh *cute* kah saya? muahahahaha.. 

this is my first award.. and its from gal (junior tyme study).. thanks gal.. :)
sebenarnya award nie dh lama.. tp xmau kuciwakan gal.. kak syaz amik sebagai tanda penghargaan..
thanks again & jgn lupa pls pls pls come to my wedding.. ajak ur uppa sekali okeyh!
since dh dpt award.. kn lar jwb beberapa soklan2 dr penganugerahan award tersebut.. :))

#1. what's the name of the blog and why u named it so
its *mytrulymadlydeeply*.. byk sebab i namakan wif *mytrulymadlydeeply*.. antara sbbnya:
1) sbb masa mula2 knl ngan mister fiance.. ini adalah 1st topic yg kami arguedkan.. sbb masing2 confius.. yg part verse tu kan ada byk..mana satu yg dl.. dream or wish or fantasy etc.. ;p hahaha
2) *trulymadlydeeply* di engrave oleh mister fiancé di cincin risik.. tp sian.. sbb dia nk buat suprise to me.. tp itu sa x pandai simpan rahsia.. tihihihih...

#2. when did you started blogging? 
bl ehh? okeyh after i godek2 blk my first entry.. it was on 2nd November 2009.. ;p

#3. your first follower
errr.. i lupa.. soorrryyy.. okeyh.. i rs2 leyla kot.. kwn gal.. also my junior tyme HND.. tyme degree.. lela ni my classmate.. she also will be my maid of honor & bridesmaid during my big day nanti.. lalalalala lela.. 

#4. something for the person who give you this award
*mmuuaaahhh* sayang gal.. hehehe.. nanti kak syaz bg wedding present ehh.. hehehehe.. x pun sedikit advice dlm merancang ur wedding day nanti.. itupun if u need it.. ;p anytyme gal.. 

psssst; dh jumpa katil itu kah blom ehh gal? huhuhu..

#5 next 5 cute blogs:

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